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Used Bikes in Dubai


With car and fuel prices on the increase, motorbikes have become a popular means of transportation around the world and here in Dubai and the UAE it’s no different.  Not to mention the fact that riding a motorcycle is simply just great fun.  Therefore, owning a motorcycle is now becoming a priority for many Dubai youth and 8keyz is your go to place to find not only the perfect new or used motorcycle to suit your needs and budget but also accessories and spare parts.


Harley Davidson UAE


With a range of motorcycles representing all the top motorcycle manufacturers in Dubai and abroad, we offer a choice of motorbikes for sale in Dubai similar to what you’ll find at name brand sites like Harley Davidson Dubai, Harley Davidson UAE, Honda Motorcycles UAE, Suzuki Motorcycles UAE, Honda Bikes UAE and Yamaha Motorcycles Dubai.


Bikes for Sale in Dubai


When buying a new or used motorcycle, there are a few things you should keep in mind, whether you’re buying from a dealer or a private owner:


  • What is the condition of the bike – ask about service history, accidents, mileage etc
  • Are the owner details correct
  • Ask to take it for a test drive
  • Don’t part with any money until you’re satisfied with the above points.


If you have any concerns or feel that you need some help, 8keyz can help with advice and practical assistance to ensure that you get a good deal.


We’ve also made it super easy to source parts and accessories for your motorbike at 8keyz with access to products from a range of vendors available via our online store.  There is a currency conversion function so you can easily convert the prices to your local currency.


Check the following links for more information about the items available to purchase or to make a purchase.