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Used Cars for Sale in UAE


Welcome to the ultimate online motor store where we aim to provide you with the best possible choice of new and used cars in Dubai and across the UAE.  Whether you’re buying or selling, 8keyz is the place to find the best deals and the best range of new and second hand cars or get the best exposure for your advertising.


Autotrader UAE


Finding your dream car has never been easier with the broad range of new and used cars for sale in UAE we have available.  If you’ve used Autotrader UAE, Dubai Cars or Used Cars Dubai you’ll be supremely comfortable flicking through our easy to use advertising platform that allows you to select a specific type of car from a range of vehicle types across various price ranges.  Get important information like dealer location and photos so that you can make a fully informed decision about your purchase. 


Used Cars Dubai


Buying a new or used car in Dubai is not a difficult process but there are a few legal and paperwork requirements involved.  8keyz can provide you with the information and advice to help you cut through this red tape and remain on the right side of the law.  Our easy 3-step insurance process for instance makes it easy for you to organise the appropriate cover required by law in Dubai.


Important things to remember when selling your car include:

  • Check the status of your car loan and clear off all the finances before selling it.
  • Putting an advertisement notice on the car window is illegal.
  • Formulate an ad only in supermarket notice boards, online websites like 8keyz, newspapers and magazines.
  • Don’t accept personal cheques as payment because of the risk of it being dishonoured.


Dubai Cars


Whether you’re buying or selling a car, we can offer you excellent exposure for your advertising or a great range of new and second hand cars to choose from with our large vehicle inventory of dealer and private seller vehicles.